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A £34 million flood defence scheme for Warrington

More than 2,000 homes and businesses in Warrington will benefit from the town’s multi-million pound flood defence scheme. The scheme is one of the largest value flood defence projects constructed in the region in recent times. The environment agency is confident it will significantly reduce flood risk to the town.

The defence is 5km of flood walls and 2.2km of embankment. Credit: Environment Agency

The scheme aims to increase flood protection to properties in 9 residential and public areas of Warrington.

Warrington's new flood defence scheme took 5 years to complete Credit: Environment Agency

Historically, Warrington has been no stranger to flooding given it sits in naturally low-lying land and within the path of the River Mersey. The new flood defences will bring peace of mind to hundreds of families and businesses across the town who have experienced flooding in the past and are aware of the major destruction it can bring.

– Lee Rawlinson, Environment Agency