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Family's warning after 'horrible' death of beloved pet cat from antifreeze poisoning

Five year old Jasper died after drinking antifreeze. Photo: MEN Media

A father is warning pet owners of the threat posed by antifreeze - after the family's "beloved" cat died.

Paul McNally says his young son and daughter were left devastated after Jasper deteriorated for around 24 hours, before being put down at a vets on Saturday afternoon.

The cat had drunk antifreeze, which is fatal to pets even in small amounts. It kills thousands of animals every year.

Paul, who's from Salford, is warning others of the early warning signs of antifreeze poisoning - and raising awareness of a campaign to make it safer.

The McNally family is backing a petition asking manufacturers to make antifreeze less appealing to pets. Credit: MEN Media

The family is devastated, particularly the children. It was protracted and painful. Watching it unfold was horrible.

Jasper was always a bit grumpy, but to not have him around is weird, even the dog is moping around. It was so sudden - and so preventable.

– Paul McNally, pet owner

Antifreeze poisoning must be spotted quickly in order to prevent fatal deterioration.

Symptoms include:

  • appearing drunk
  • fainting
  • wobbly, uncoordinated movement
  • vomiting
  • Excessive urination
  • diarrhoea
  • rapid heart beat
  • weakness

  • seizures or convulsions

Paul has now signed a petition asking manufacturers to add a bitter tasting substance to discourage pets from drinking them.