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Children banned from high-fiving their lollipop man because it's 'causing a disruption'

Colin Spencer has been shepherding kids to safety in Greater Manchester for 14 years. Photo: MEN Media

Children have been banned from high-fiving their lollipop man as they cross the road - because council bosses say it's "causing a disruption".

Colin Spencer, who is 83, has been shepherding kids to safety in Greater Manchester for 14 years.

He says the highlight of his day is high-fiving the kids as they pass.

Now, the high-fives will have to stop. Credit: MEN Media

But council bosses have stepped in.

A text sent to parents of children at St George’s Primary School in Stockport read: “Please may we ask that children using the Bramhall Lane crossing patrol do not ‘high-five’ Colin when crossing the road. Thank you.”

Some parents - and pupils - are upset by the move. They say Colin is loved by families in the area and "brightens up every kid’s day".

It’s bureaucracy gone mad. If a child is having a bad day, it can make all the difference when they see Colin. He really cheers them up before school.

They miss Colin when he’s not around. He really is part of the landscape.

– Howie Pickering, parent
Credit: MEN Media

Colin, known by the kids as "Lolly", was supervised by his manager earlier this week after the high-five ban was introduced.

I can try to explain to the older ones that the council won’t let me, but the little ones wouldn’t understand

– Colin Spencer, lollipop man

The school sent follow-up text saying high-fives could be done on the pavement, but not on the road as children cross.

A town hall spokeswoman said: “School crossing patrol staff are required to continually observe the road and traffic conditions to ensure the safe passage of pedestrians across the road."

“The member of school crossing patrol staff at this location has been asked to stop ‘high-fiving’ and to concentrate on his core duty of ensuring highway safety.”