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MP: Universal Credit review full of 'management gobbledegook'

Chairman of the Commons Work and Pensions Committee, Frank Field. Photo: pa

The Government has failed to make a full business case for the roll out of Universal Credit - MPs have said.

People are being expected to take it on good faith that the controversial welfare shake-up will deliver, according to the chairman of the Commons Work and Pensions Committee Frank Field.

And the roll out of Universal Credit,(UC) beset by delays, still has some of its toughest challenges to deal with, a report by the committee states.

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The report raised questions about the Department for Work and Pensions' handling of the roll out, stating: "The department has consistently struggled to convince the IPA that UC can be scaled up as planned. The department must balance the considerable costs of further delays against the costs of pressing ahead.

"Chronic delays and revisions to the roll out are a recurrent theme through the reports, persisting up to the present day."

"The reviews, which barely mention claimants, are shot through with management gobbledegook.

"Were I the minister in charge, I would have either rejected or ignored much of it entirely as totally incomprehensible.

– Frank Field, Commons Work and Pensions Committee.