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What a 'puggly' time: Pugfest comes to Manchester

People in Manchester city centre were treated to a 'puggly' sight as around 200 dogs and their owners came together to celebrate Pugfest.

There were prizes for the most creative outfits, like this bee Credit: ITV News

Pugfest puts on events to celebrate the breed and raise awareness and donations for a range of charities, including dog rescue societies.

On Sunday, they had a special event in honour of the Chinese New Year, the year of the dog.

Some of the entrants had a better time than others Credit: ITV News

The festival was started in 2014 by the owner of Poppy, a rescued ex-breeding dog. They now hold and organise events nationwide.

Pepper with their owners after winning best in show Credit: ITV News

All variations of the breed are welcome, as long as they have some pug in their heritage and there are prizes for the most creative outfits.

Socks came in second in the best in show category Credit: ITV News