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Storm Emma leaves IoM capital big clean-up

Douglas Promenade during the storm Photo: Go Mann Adventures, Facebook

Storm Emma has caused damage in the region of £30,000 to the Isle of Man's Douglas Promenade.

A huge clean-up effort is being undertaken by the Department of Infrastructure to clear large amounts of debris from the walkways and roads.

The area between Regent Street in Douglas and the Bottleneck car park remains closed to pedestrians while the clear up operation takes place.

Around 1,500 square metres of the Douglas promenade walkway surface was damaged during Friday’s weather.

It is currently being removed ahead of resurfacing, which is hoped to take place later in the week. Damaged railings will be replaced costing around £12,000.

Manx Utilities Authority has been asked to take the opportunity to replace the sewerage tank covers, which are at the end of their life, before the new surface is laid.

Costs to repair part of Mooragh Promenade's sea wall and walkway in Ramsey will be in the region of £180,000.

Huge waves have caused extensive damage to Douglas Promenade Credit: IOM Constabulary Media Page, Facebook

Overtopping during Friday’s stormy weather caused damage to Douglas promenade walkway, resulting in large sections of the surface being lifted and destroyed. Department of Infrastructure staff will remove the remainder of the surface early this week to allow the damaged section between Regent Street and the Bottleneck car park to be assessed, and plans can then be made to resurface. The area remains closed to pedestrians while the clear up operation takes place. Assessments will be made during low tide to check the extent of any damage to the sea wall and railings. A section of railings near to the War Memorial damaged by waves has been made safe and repairs will be undertaken as soon as possible. Mooragh Promenade in Ramsey also sustained damage on Friday. Engineers are today assessing the extent of it and timescales involved in repair works.

– IOM Dep. of Infrastructure
Large sections of the prom's walkway will have to be resurfaced Credit: Ann York, Facebook