1. ITV Report

Police in Lancashire need to provide "better protection to children at risk".

Photo: Lancashire Police /Facebook

Lancashire Police says its taken 'immediate steps' to improve Child Protection... after Government inspectors found the force wasn't giving a service capable of safeguarding vulnerable youngsters.

The report found the recording incidents was weak, even though the use of multi-agency teams was praised.

Problem areas identified by inspectors:

  • some of the constabulary’s basic processes for recording child protection incidents are weak;
  • many frontline officers see their responsibility for safeguarding children as limited to identifying children as vulnerable on the police system. This can result in missed opportunities to protect children at the earliest opportunity;
  • overall, the service provided to children in need of help needs to improve.

Areas inspectors were pleased with:

  • multi-agency teams responsible for preventing child sexual exploitation are improving outcomes for children through early intervention and prevention activity;
  • improvements to the way information is shared between the police and other public sector organisations responsible for safeguarding children. As a result, better plans are in place to protect children; and
  • the constabulary has a clear focus on reducing the vulnerability of young people through its Early Action initiative.