1. ITV Report

Gradual thaw by day. Icy overnight

Bryan Hey Reservoir, Bolton Photo: KEITH RYLANCE


After a bitterly cold night there will be lying snow and ice at first. Through the day temperatures will recover slightly, with plenty of sunshine and lighter winds it will feel noticeably less cold. Highs to 6°C but a northeasterly windchill will make it feel below freezing.


It may turn cloudier through the evening with perhaps an odd wintry shower over the hills, but a widespread frost will develop as clear spells return. Ice warnings for untreated side roads and footpaths. Lows to -6°C.


Another fine day is expected on Tuesday after a frosty start. Plenty of sunshine but still rather chilly. Perhaps one or two showers in the Pennines, these more likely sleet or wet snow as highs reach 7-9°C.