How Biometric wristbands could help those with severe autism

The device is worn around the wrist just like a fitness tracker - and can provide important information to carers. Credit: ITV News

A wristband which can signal when someone with autism is experiencing severe anxiety before it triggers dramatic changes in behavior is being trialled in the UK for the first time.

It looks just like a watch and works like a fitness tracker to monitor minute physiological changes in the body.

It's hoped this could transform the lives of people with acute autism - who may be non-verbal.

What we're hoping is that many people who are autistic or non-verbal, the only way they can show us that they're anxious or distressed is through behaviours. Those behaviours are quite often distressing for them or those around them. What we're hoping this technology will show us is really good indications of when people are becoming anxious so we can intervene and provide them with some reassurance and strategies to reduce their anxiety before it gets to crisis behaviours.

Robin Bush, Autism Together
David is one of those using the wristbands - and his carers hope it could be a big step forward in their communication. Credit: ITV News

The device costs £1000. At the moment, the charity Autism Together has three - but would like to add five more to a trial.

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