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Hidden Treasures 4: secrets of the Manx Stones

The Isle of Man is one of the most significant sites for these exciting discoveries Photo: ITV News

They can tell us secrets of life in the British Isles more than a thousand years ago - in this episode of our Hidden Treasures series, we take a closer look at the Manx Stones.

The stones are carved memorials - a mixture of Celtic crosses and pagan mythology. They were made by the Norse population on the Isle of Man during the Viking Age, a marriage of the immigrant Norse runestone tradition with the local Celtic tradition of raising stone crosses.

Despite the island's small size, it's one of the most significant sites for these exciting discoveries. 26 surviving stones have been found - compared with 33 in the entire country of Norway.

The stones are beautifully carved and paint a picture of the Scandinavians who settled in the Isle of Man in the course of the 10th century. Their presence led to the foundation of the Norse kingdom of Man and the Isles, which is the ultimate reason for the Island’s semi-independent status today.

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