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Defendant's son: I couldn't have fired murder weapon

Lee Holt was shot in Accrington in October 2017

The 14-year-old son of a man accused of a fatal doorstep shooting has told a jury he could not have fired the murder weapon because he is right-handed.

Thomas Moseley says his father, Matthew, 50, shouldered a left-handed 12-gauge semi-automatic Beretta shotgun and shot Lee Holt, 32, outside their family home near Accrington, Lancashire, last October.

The prosecution say the defendant then handed the firearm to Thomas and before the police arrived told his son to take the blame.

Police at the scene in October 2017 Credit: ITV News

Mr Holt went to the address in Barnard Close, Oswaldtwistle, with his partner, Kate Phelan, and her son, Wesley Metcalfe, 15, to confront Thomas over an ongoing dispute between the schoolboys, Preston Crown Court has heard.

On Thursday, Nick Johnson, defending, asked Thomas to mark on a photograph of the shotgun where he handled the weapon.

He then said: "Which hand did you use (there)?

"Left. I'm right-handed but I have done it anyway and it's like a real mess because I can't actually write left-handed."

– Thomas Moseley

The barrister said: "You are capable of using your left hand as well as your right hand, aren't you Thomas?"

Giving evidence via videolink, the youth replied: "I'm right-handed. I'm better at doing things with my right hand rather than my left hand."

Mr Johnson said: "But you can shoot a gun left-handed."

Thomas said: "No I can't shoot a gun left-handed ...f***ing hell.

"It's left-handed. That cartridge could fly out anywhere and it could go across my left arm."

Mr Johnson said: "I don't understand the point."

Thomas went on: "It's left-handed. I can't shoot it without hurting myself. It would fly across and hurt my arm."

Mr Holt was allegedly shot following a row between schoolboys

Mr Johnson went through the various interviews that Thomas gave police following the shooting of Mr Holt on the evening of October 25 when he told the arresting officer he was responsible.

In his first interview the following day he made a prepared statement in which he said he did not shoot Mr Holt.

Mr Johnson said the police then asked him if someone had told him to say he was the shooter.

He asked Thomas: "Did that give you the idea of blaming your dad?"

Thomas replied: "That's the truth. I have told the truth."

The teenager also denied the police - through questioning - had given him the idea to say his father had handed him the weapon.

Thomas agreed with Mr Johnson that during the course of the interviews he had made four "slips of the tongue" when he repeatedly said to detectives he had unloaded the gun after the shooting and not his father.

Matthew Moseley denies murder.