1. ITV Report

Fresher into Friday but still warm. Fog over Irish Sea

Pussy Willow at Haydock Park Photo: JEAN HENSEY-REYNARD


A dry and warm start to the night with largely clear skies at first. A little cloudier through the early hours, mist and fog patches for the coast and Isle of Man. Fresher lows of 6°C.


Whilst Friday may start a little cloudy, for many it will turn warm and sunny again. Cloud may linger around coastal areas. Fresher high of 18°C, but still well above the average for April.


Saturday should be warm and sunny after early morning mist and fog. Thundery showers are likely to develop towards evening.

An improving story into Sunday. Dry and bright for the middle part of the day. Slightly cooler feel.

A more seasonal weather story returns by Monday with a cooler, cloudier start to the week with some rain likely.