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Vandals wrecked 15 cars along one street while residents slept

Personal items were also taken from the smashed cars. Photo: MEN Media

Residents on a street in south Manchester street to find a scene of devastation after vandals had trashed 15 cars.

The offender or offenders smashed windows, broke wing mirrors, and kicked car doors along Platt Lane in Fallowfield.

Credit: MEN Media

Shattered glass was left strewn across the street - and people’s possessions were snatched from their cars.

Residents had to tape bin bags over their smashed windows as they set about cleaning the mess.

Credit: MEN Media

Lauren Wilkes went outside on Wednesday morning to find her Renault Scenic had been targeted.

“I woke up and went out to my car as usual before work and one of the windows had been properly smashed through,” she said.

I was obviously quite upset because I knew it would be an expensive thing to fix.

I thought it was just my vehicle, but then I looked around I saw a girl taping her car windows up with bin liners.

– Lauren Wilkes
Credit: MEN Media

Police were called to the scene at 7.30am on Wednesday and an investigation is continuing, according to a spokeswoman for Greater Manchester Police.