Liverpool fans travelling to Rome told 'under no circumstances' to walk to match

The club has issued a number of travel advice and safety guidelines Credit: PA

Liverpool fans heading to Rome to watch their team play against AS Roma have been urged not to try to walk to the stadium.

The club has issued a list of travel advice and safety guidelines for the second leg of the Champions League semi-final.

It follows some heated exchanges between fans from both sides when they met at Anfield - which resulted in 9 arrests.

In a statement published on its website, Liverpool Football Club says its "been provided with safety and security advice for supporters".

Advice for Rome travel:

  • Alight at Termini Station if arriving by train

  • Use Piazza Campo De Fiori and Largo Corrado Ricci

  • Respect monuments of national importance with a particular emphasis placed on not hanging banners and/or scarves on fountains and statues

  • Be aware that drinking alcohol on the streets will be prohibited

  • Avoid areas in the north of the city, particularly those in the vicinity of Ponte Milvio Bridge, on match day

  • Use the shuttle bus service from Piazzale delle Canestre, Villa Borghese to Stadio Olimpico. Buses will run from 3pm and there will be a return service to Villa Borghese post match

  • Arrive at the stadium as early as possible with entrance procedures and ticket checks expected to be long and arduous. Entrance gates are expected to open at 5pm.

  • Be aware that should the name on a supporter’s ticket not match the name on their personal ID, admission will be refused.

  • Be aware that there will be a hold back after the game which is expected to be longer than supporters are ordinarily used to.

  • Use the shuttle bus service to depart the stadium unless on organised day trips which will provide their own transportation.

  • Under no circumstances should supporters attempt to walk.

Credit: Liverpool FC
Credit: Liverpool FC