This is the moment a brave off-licence worker fought off armed robbers - using a can of WD-40.

It happened at the Premier Wines on Royle Green Road in Northenden on April 22.

Two masked men, one armed with a crowbar, demanded cash and threatened the lone shopkeeper.

CCTV released by police shows one of the thugs raising the crowbar behind his head as if to strike the shop worker. The second offender grabbed a bottle of wine from the shelf and threw it at the victim.

In a quick-thinking act of bravery, the shopkeeper showered both attackers with blasts from a can of oil.

They two offendors fled empty handed.

This was a cowardly attempt to steal the hard-earned profits from a business. The shop worker has shown immense bravery resisting the robbers armed only with oil spray

Det Con Christopher Clarke

Detectives said the men involved would have smelt ‘very strongly of chemicals’ from the aerosol and issued an appeal for witnesses to come forward