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'Keep Calm' this year's IoM TT safety campaign message

Photo: ITV

The Isle of Man's TT Road Safety Campaign for 2018 has begun.

This year's message is 'Keep Calm', with numerous posters such as 'Keep Calm and Slow Down' displayed across the island in the build-up to the motorcycling festival fortnight.

The Tourist Trophy will see thousands of people decend upon the island from May 26th until June 8th.

Road Safety officers will be enforcing the messages even before fans set foot on the ferries.

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Focus is being placed on the 'golden hour' before rush hour traffic ahead of the roads closing for the races - collisions have occured over the years as people make their way to spectator points, often mixing with commuter traffic.

Visitors are encouraged to plan their day, consider alternative routes and leave in plenty of time.

The Douglas to Ramsey coast road will be given special attention to stop bikers from using it as a loop road back to the beginning of the one-way Mountain Road section.

Officers patrolling the coastal route will use unmarked cars and bikes will be alerted to riders undertaking a 'hot lap', and ready to enforce the 50mph limit imposed on the route for the first time this year.

Members of the IOM Police, Fire & Rescue Service and Ambulance Credit: ITV

The one-way system for the Mountain Road will be in place from 4.30pm on Friday 25 May for the entire TT fortnight.

Road users are urged to comply with all diversions and closures, with visitors altered to the dangers of following sat nav directions via signage, leaflets, posters and radio features as some devices may not pick up the temporary road closures.

Social media channels will be kept up to date with the latest road information, with Facebook and Twitter links.

Visitors are reminded that while the festival is the main focus for two weeks, everyday life continues on the Isle of Man, with people commuting to work and commercial heavy goods vehicles out and about.

For more information visit the IOM Government website.