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Two weeks left for IoM organ opt-out consultation

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There's just over two weeks left for people to give their views for a opt-out organ donation system on the Isle of Man.

Martyn Perkins MHK for Garff launched the online consultation in March, which if approved by Tynwald would update the current system of opt-in registration.

The bill proposes changes to a 'presumed content' system, which means unless you don't want to be an organ donor, consent will be assumed.

The percentage of Manx residents currently on the donor register is significantly lower than the rest of the UK - 12,600 island residents are registered on the UK NHS Organ Donor Register.

This could be due to people assuming that when they receive a driver's licence, they will be added onto the register.

The online consultation on the Isle of Man Government website will run until Friday 8 June.

To become a donor, visit

It’s important for residents to remember that signing an Isle of Man driving licence does not currently link through to the UK organ donation register. To join the organ donation register, please visit 'Organ Donation' and complete the online form. The site has comprehensive information about what being a donor means for you and your family, including the importance of sharing your decision and how to withdraw consent, so please take time to consider joining the register and making a difference to the lives of others.

– Pam Mekin, Chair of Organ Donation IOM