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Look inside the secret little house hidden in Liverpool's railway tunnels

The hut is believed to be more than 100 years old and was built as a “mess hut”. Photo: Liverpool Echo

Take a look inside the secret piece of rail history hidden away beneath Liverpool city centre.

This miniature house, found deep in the tunnels approaching Lime Street station from Edge Hill, was built more than 100 years ago by track workers taking their breaks.

The house was used as a "mess hut" for rail workers to take their breaks in. Credit: Liverpool Echo

The hut can only be accessed when trains aren’t running.

It's been confirmed that the hut will remain untouched during rail upgrade work on Lime Street station.

The house has been disused for at least 50 years and parts of the floor have crumbled away. Credit: Liverpool Echo

Graeme Whitehead, Network Rail project manager, said: “In years gone by track maintenance gangs would have come here, they’d have had their lunch, a cup of coffee, lit the fire, and waited in between trains.“

We have no plans to do anything with it, it will stay here, it’s protected beneath the tunnels and will remain locked in history forever more.

It’s difficult to see if you’re a passenger on a train.If the light’s in the right place you can just about see the outline of it but it’s a little gem that’s locked away and kept in the dark.

– Graeme Whitehead
A fireplace used by workers to keep warm between trains in the winter. Credit: Liverpool Echo

Network Rail says the hut is believed to be more than 100 years old and was built as a “mess hut”.

Benches run down both sides, with a table in the centre.

Engineers also found an old kettle, a cup and tongs used to move materials in the fireplace.