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Congestion Zone charge for Manchester sought

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Manchester should consider introducing a congestion zone to reduce the "invisible killer" of air pollution, according to a new report. A study by the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) says the region has a similar air pollution problem to London, caused mostly by vehicle emissions, but lacks the powers and strategies to tackle it.

The study claims Manchester has a similar air pollution problem to London Credit: pa

The IPPR is calling on the Mayor of Greater Manchester Andy Burnham to consider a London-style congestion zone charge to help keep the air clean.

The human cost of this air pollution crisis to Greater Manchester cannot be overstated.

"People's lives are being cut short, our children's health is being put at risk and this is before you even consider the #1 billion annual economic burden that poor quality air places on the local economy.

"For too long, the debate on air pollution has been focused on London. But now for the first time, we understand the full extent of the problem in Greater Manchester.

– Sarah Longlands, director of IPPR North