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Granada Weather - Into the new week

Saturday evening skies Photo: MARK JOLLY, Rochdale


Cloud will thicken through the morning as patchy rain or drizzle spreads eastwards through the afternoon. Extensive low cloud will bring hill and coastal fog for many. Highs 18°C.


Cloudy at first with further patchy light rain and hill and coastal fog. Turning drier and clearer from the west through the night. Rather breezy. Lows 9°C.


A dry and bright morning with some early sunshine. Thickening cloud will bring rain or drizzle eastwards through the afternoon. Staying rather breezy but warm in any sunny spells. Highs 21 °C.


Often rather cloudy at first with rain at times, especially towards Cumbria, with the best brightness further south. Warm in any sunshine, rather humid. Dry and fine for all by Thursday with a fresher feel.