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Six months on, the family of missing Marie Scott are clinging to hope that she's alive

Marie Scott Photo: Manchester Evening News.

The family of a missing mother-of-two say they are clinging to hope that she’s alive.

Six months on, Marie Scott’s family say their pain and confusion remains just as intense as it was at the time of her sudden disappearance.

Marie, 58, walked out of the family home in Hale , near Altrincham in Trafford, just before Christmas.

She hasn’t been seen since. She missed her 41st wedding anniversary in February and her grandson’s birthday in April.

“There has been absolutely nothing.

“We still believe that she is alive. There is just something that we feel.

“All our lives are destroyed without her being with us. We miss her smile, the time she shared with us, her love and her kindness. She is in our thoughts every minute of every day and we just want to know she is safe and well.”

– Marie’s son Stuart
Marie's family say they are clinging to hope that she’s alive. Credit: Manchester Evening News.

Marie, who runs her own ironing business, vanished from her home on Monday, December 18.

She had been struggling to come to terms with the recent death of her mother, Irene, and had been to see a psychiatrist for help and support on the day she went missing.

From CCTV, police know she boarded a 12.30pm tram from Altrincham Metrolink station after leaving her home on Sandileigh Avenue.

She got off at Deansgate at 12.54pm. From there she made her way along Deansgate , where she spoke to a couple outside the Blacks store at about 1.07pm, before buying items from Sainsbury’s on Deansgate.

Further images show her near The Wharf pub in Castlefield, at around 1.20pm.

She walked across the footbridge in front of The Wharf before having a conversation with someone for around 20 seconds.

It’s believed she was asking for directions. Marie then walked off towards Castlefield Bowl.

There was a further sighting of her at Duke Street car park just before 2.10pm, near Dukes 92, and she was seen ‘wandering around’ near Deansgate Locks after that.

Then, two weeks later, the search surprisingly switched to Bury, a town with no real links to Marie.

Police discovered Marie took the Metrolink from the Deansgate Castlefield stop to Victoria Station and got in a cab, travelling to Heaton Park before changing her mind about getting out and asking the driver to take her to The Rock shopping centre in Bury.

She was captured on CCTV walking along Rochdale Road, towards the Itsababy shop, and a new image was released showing her there at about 3.15pm. It’s the last confirmed sighting.

Rivers and woodland have been searched in a wide radius surrounding the area and Stuart said he’s personally handed out flyers around Bury, visited hotels and taxi ranks and joined search teams working to locate her.

CCTV image of Marie after she went missing. Credit: Greater Manchester Police

“The family are devastated. Mum is on our minds constantly. If mum sees this I would want her to know that we all love her. We all adore her and miss her greatly.

“The family are hopeful and positive she is alive and we are desperate to hear from her that she is well, but maybe still needing time to heal from the passing of her own mother. I love her and want her back in my life - she has so many more memories to create with us. We all just want her back with us. I want her to know that I can help her start a new, fresh life with us.”

– Stuart Scott

Marie’s husband of 41 years Jim endured their wedding anniversary without his wife. Stuart said his father says life isn’t the same without her. Marie’s youngest son, James, added in a message to his mum: “Mum, we all miss you so much. Everyday life is just not the same without you in it.

“I miss you more and more each day and I would just love you to walk through the door. I love you so much and I cannot put into words the pain and agony of you not being in our lives.”