Remorseful festival-goer sends apology letter to police after getting into 'a real tangle'

In a letter the anonymous sender revealed he had donated to a police charity as a thank you gesture. Credit: MEN Media

A remorseful teenager who "got into a real tangle" at a festival in Manchester has apologised to police for wasting their time after they came to his aid.

In a letter the Parklife attendee admitted to "making a poor choice" - and thanked the officers who kept him safe until a loved one could come pick him up.

The sender, who's name has been kept anonymous by police, also revealed he has made a £100 donation to a charity working to support bereaved families of officers.

He had "no memory" of which officers came to his aid, but said if GMP asked the festival police "some of them may remember the incident!"

The festival-goer has donated to a police charity as a thank you. Credit: MEN Media

He said he considered sending over a crate of wine, but had second thoughts over whether the gift could be accepted

It's not known what ‘real tangle’ the youngster was involved in, but police chiefs said the letter proved the first priority of officers working Parklife was to keep revellers safe.

A thank-you card accompanied the letter, alongside proof of the donation.

Police arrested 56 people, mostly for drugs offences, during the Parklife weekend, but no serious crimes were reported. GMP has confirmed the teenager wasn’t one of the arrests.

Click to hear the letter in full (voiced by an actor):