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Terror survivors have called for the creation of a new fund to help attack victims and bereaved families

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Terror survivors have called for the creation of a new fund to help attack victims and bereaved families, claiming that the current system is broken.

Survivors Against Terror published a report highlighting issues of fraud, inefficiency and inequity within the existing funding structures.

Founded by survivors and bereaved relatives of victims of Islamist bombings, IRA attacks and far-right extremist murders, the group want a new British Survivors Fund established.

The report highlights how following the Manchester Arena attack, fundraising site JustGiving placed more than 200 accounts in quarantine, after the Charity Commission warned fraudsters were trying to exploit public generosity.

Amid the same concerns, it also notes that after the London Bridge attack, JustGiving deleted three appeals and placed 43 in quarantine.

The group said the British Survivors Fund would be loosely modelled on the existing Disasters Emergency Committee and the London Emergencies Trust.

Focusing on public fundraising instead of statutory compensation, the report argues that the fund should be live within hours of an attack in the UK or involving British victims, ready to help individuals and charities supporting them, and also widely supported by the media.

This would mean more money would be raised, the cash would be better spent, and the public presented with a better opportunity to help those in need, the group said.

"As families who have been affected by terror attacks, we know the financial costs associated," the report states.

"That might be related to funerals, the loss of the main earner in a household, the need to pay for counselling or physiotherapy, the inability to work, the need to make changes to your own home to adapt to your injuries."

Among those backing the report is Dan Hett, whose brother Martyn was among the 22 people killed in the Manchester Arena bombing.

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