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Firefighters call in the military


Firefighters battling the Saddleworth Moor blaze have called in the military to help tackle the 'biggest fire in living memory'.

Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service say they have 'requested military assistance from the Ministry of Defence'.

Around 34 homes were evacuated last night as the inferno on the moors above Manchester edged closer to people’s property in Carrbrook.

People in the area have been allowed back home today but have also been handed face masks and told to stay inside.

The sun turned red and ash rained from the sky as fire raged above Oldham and Tameside for the third night running.

Asthmatics were advised to stay in their homes and people were warned to keep pets indoors as a smoky haze settled above the city.

Smoke could be smelt inside properties as far away as Bolton, as fire crews fight a losing battle to contain the flames.

A Greater Manchester Fire Service spokesman said the fire spread last night as the wind picked up in dry, extremely hot conditions.

In Carrbrook, Stalybridge, firefighters and police were on the streets and the blaze is now believed to be 200 metres from properties after the fire was beaten back 150 metres overnight.

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