A project which saw an underground Moss Side nightclub come back to life is now has been announced as a finalist in the National Lottery Awards.

The Reno, on Princess Road, was open throughout the 1970s and 1980s and was a popular spot for people in Moss Side and the surrounding areas- in particular the mixed race community who found a home there amid racial tensions in the North West. The club was also known to have hosted the stag do of Tony Wilson, and was visited by Bob Marley and Muhammad Ali.

Throughout recent years, ex-reveller and playwright Linda Brogan mounted a successful campaign called ‘Excavating The Reno’ to unearth the remains of the club and after filming internet blogs about the venue, managed to secure National Lottery funding to undertake the ambitious project.

Last October, Granada Reports were there as they broke ground and found artefacts believed to be from the time that the club was operational. Volunteers and other ex-revellers had helped the excavation efforts, after which a Reno-themed party was held on the site.

The Reno Club in the 70s Credit: Linda Brogan

One month later the artefacts were put on show at an exhibition in Whitworth Art Gallery. Artefacts found included bathroom tiles, crisp packets and bottles from the time.

Now, the project is a heritage finalist in the National Lottery Awards and is the North West’s only representative in that category. Linda Brogan said:

We’ll use our winnings towards funding our Whitworth Art Gallery 12 months residency where we will realise all our frustrated artistic talents to create an exhibition from our memoirs, photos, artefacts and excavation footage, and crack open the door for more exhibitions by and for people like us. And by that, I mean brought up in poverty, but as I said before in a thriving community that we all miss now. Vote for us. I really want to win to prove heritage and art is for all of us not just the privileged

Linda Brogan

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