Bullied teenager makes dramatic school prom entrance accompanied by gang of bikers

Bullied girl Courtney Carter gets prom night she’ll never forget Credit: ITV Granada Reports

Courtney Carter was diagnosed at just four-years-old with an autistic spectrum disorder and has struggled through her school life.

As soon as the 16-year-old from Warrington started high school, the bullying started and continued throughout the whole five years she was there.

This caused Courtney severe anxiety, self harm and suicidal thoughts.

Courtney was adamant she wasn't attending prom and made that decision in Year 7, but last month she decided she was not going to let others stop her from doing what she wants to do, she then decided to attend prom alone.

Usually most school leavers opt for hiring limousines, but Courtney's parents thought to arrange something a little different to escort her to prom.

The parents appealed on a Facebook page if anyone would be interested in being a part of an escort.

The night before, they were only expecting around 15 bikes.

When they arrived at The Coach and Horses Pub in Warrington, the car park was full of bikers.

They all arrived to support Courtney.

Her mother Rachel Carter said:

We arrived at the prom venue, Statham Lodge, and the looks on everyone's faces was brilliant.

Rachel Carter