Coronation Street runs sepsis storyline to raise awareness of symptoms

Jack contracts sepsis from an infected graze on his knee. Credit: ITV Coronation Street

Fans of the TV soap Coronation Street have been watching an emotional storyline this week - as 7 year old Jack gets struck down by sepsis.

The soap is working alongside the UK Sepsis Trust charity who advised on the storyline.

They want to raise awareness about the condition - the symptoms of which can be challenging to spot - but which can be fatal if not treated quickly.

In the soap, 7 year old Jack develops sepsis from a graze on the knee. His father, played by Michael Le-Vell, is faced with the devastating decision of whether to allow his legs to be amputated.

Matthew Parkes is an Ambassador for the Trust. He lost both his legs and one hand to the sepsis infection - and says the awareness raised by the soap storyline is "phenomenal".

Our reporter Lise McNally met him on the set of Coronation Street to hear his story: