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Ariana Grande: I felt 'upside down' after the Manchester Arena bombing

The 25 year old singer returned to Manchester for the One Love benefit concert shortly after the attack. Photo: PA

Ariana Grande has told how she suffered "wild dizzy spells" and felt "upside down" for months in the wake of the Manchester Arena bombing.

The pop star had just finished performing on stage in Manchester on May 22 2017 when a suicide bomber detonated an explosive device, killing 22 people.


22 people were killed in the atrocity in May last year. Credit: ITV News

She told Elle magazine: "When I got home from tour, I had really wild dizzy spells, this feeling like I couldn't breathe.

"I would be in a good mood, fine and happy, and they would hit me out of nowhere.

"I've always had anxiety, but it had never been physical before.

"There were a couple of months straight where I felt so upside down."

The singer has since paid tribute to Manchester by getting a bee tattoo. Credit: PA

The 25 year old returned to Manchester for the One Love benefit concert.

Discussing performing after the attack, she said: "Why would I second guess getting on a stage and being there for them?

The singer recently revealed a tattoo tribute to the victims of the bombing.

That city, and their response? That changed my life...

– Ariana Grande