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£2m sea defence plans to be displayed on IoM

A bus plunged through Laxey Bridge in 2015 - the driver escaped unhurt and no-one was on board Photo: Twitter

The Isle of Man Government are inviting members of the public to attend a public display of sea defence plans costing between £1.5 and £2 million.

A protection scheme has been planned in response to damage caused to homes and businesses in Laxey by high tides and severe storms in 2014.

According to research commissioned by the Department of Infrastructure that analysed the forecast effects of climate change to 2115, severe weather events and rising sea levels are to continuously worsen over time.

The scheme in Laxey will be the latest in a series to reduce the impact of climate change.

If approved, work will begin in October.

Laxey Beach Credit:

A public display of the plans will be on Thursday 19th July at Laxey Commissioners Offices in New Road between 2pm and 6pm.

Proposals include a reinforced concrete cantilever retaining wall along the length of the promenade to reduce the threat of overtopping.

This will link to a wall running from the pier to the boat park next to Laxey Bridge to offer protection from harbour flooding to properties in the Tent Road/Shore Road area.

The measures are designed to cope with a severe storm that has a 1% probability in any given year.

Construction is expected to take six months with minimal disruption.

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