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Charity runners given parking fines while taking part in Race for Life

Traffic wardens have been criticised for slapping fines on cars while people were taking part in a charity run for Cancer Research UK.

Thousands of people attended the Race For Life charity run at Heaton Park in Manchester over the weekend.

Some drivers were hit with £70 fines because their cars were not left in allocated bays at the park.

People at the event said they paid for parking but had no space within the designated bays. Credit: MEN Media

The council said it worked closely with event organisers to ensure the ‘maximum possible number of parking spaces’ were on offer.

Drivers are not allowed to leave their cars on grass verges, pavements or any area not marked with double yellow lines at the park - even if they buy a ticket.

Some people have called for the cash made from the parking fines to go to Cancer Research UK.

It is not known how many parking tickets were issued.

Emma Smallwood says she will pay the fine but wants the proceeds to go to charity. Credit: MEN Media

Emma Smallwood from Bolton went to the event to support a friend. She said she was parked on grass, rather than a marked bay.

“I was really cross about it,” she said. “It was a great day. People were there to support a good cause and there were a lot of families having a nice day out... For it to end like that was upsetting."

I intend to pay, but I would like to know that the council has paid all the proceeds to Cancer Research UK.

We were all parked neatly, it was all very orderly.

– Emma Smallwood

The council’s executive member for schools, culture and leisure, said: “Pay and display parking has been introduced at Heaton Park to improve traffic management and protect the park environment.

“Visitors purchasing a parking space must park in one of the indicated bays, not on grass verges, pavements, or on any area which is marked with double yellow lines.

“We worked closely with the organisers of Race for Life to ensure that the maximum possible number of parking spaces were on offer within the park on the day.”