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Dogs take a snow day at the height of the heatwave

Dogs could cool down and play in the snow for free. Photo: Chill Factore

A hundred dogs enjoyed an unexpected snow day in the height of the heatwave - after an indoor ski slope opened its doors to them.

Chill Factore in Greater Manchester invited pups in to play in the snow and cool down.

They say they brought the event back by popular demand.

Dogs at the ski slope could chill in a cool -5. Credit: Chill Factore

The number of owners who took the opportunity to get their furry family members out of the heat and into a safe, cool place at our first event was overwhelming.

The safety of our pets in the hot weather is obviously a serious issue which we hope our snowy conditions can help with, which is why we have decided to re-open the ‘Chill Zone’ for our furry friends once again!

– Morwenna Angove, Chill Factore
A hundred dogs attended over several sessions. Credit: Chill Factore

It was free for pet owners to bring their dogs to the event, but donations were taken for the homeless dogs charity 'Care for the Paw'.

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