Heroin addiction: advice and support

Credit: PA

On ITV Granada Reports we've been investigating the increasingly visible problem of heroin addiction across Greater Manchester.

Here are links to sources of advice and support:

Where can I go for addiction support?

The charity Change, Grow, Live says that harm reduction services such as needle exchanges, prescription courses of Methadone, and mental health support can all help people reduce the risk of infection or overdose, while they work to overcome their addiction.

What are harm reduction policies?

Sharps bin are encourage so people can dispose of used needles safely. Credit: Lynne Cameron/PA

Sharing needles can increase your chances of contracting a blood-borne virus such as HIV or hepatitis.

Needle exchanges allow users to swap used needed for clean and sterile equipment.

Sharps boxes are handed out for people who may be carrying needles in public.

What should I do if I find a needle?

Discarded needles could be a health hazard to anybody who comes across them - and should be reported to the relevant authority (either the council for public land, or the landowner for private property)

You should not touch any sharps that you come across - these should only be removed by trained professionals using specialist equipment.

Your council will arrange for the removal and disposal of discarded syringes and other drug related items in public places.