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Fire in engine room of IoM ferry cancels services between Heysham

The Ben-my-Chree's turbocharger caught fire yesterday morning. Photo: IOM Fire and Rescue Service

An Isle of Man ferry is currently being serviced after a fire in the ship's engine room on Sunday cancelled services.

At 05:26am yesterday fire crews from Douglas and Laxey responded to reports of a fire on board the Ben-My-Chree.

Crews extinguished the fire after approximately 45 mins in board.

Engineers worked throughout the night to repair and replace failed parts of the turbochrager engine, with further damage identified.

Special parts from the UK are due to arrive on-island today, with the Ben-my-Chree due to be back in service.

Yesterday's sailings between the Isle of Man and Heysham at 12:45 and 18:15, along with the 19:45 and 02:15 sailings, were all cancelled.

The Manannan departed from Douglas this morning at 07:49 and has an expected arrival time into Liverpool of 10:34. It is due to return from Liverpool at 11:15 with an expected arrival into Douglas of 14:15.

For further updates visit the Steam Packet Company website.

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I want to personally apologise to our passengers and to assure you that we are doing everything we can to minimise the out-of-service time of the Ben as a result of this unexpected mechanical failure. With the assistance of specialists from the manufacturer of the failed turbocharger overnight, we now expect to be able to complete repairs.

– IOM Steam Packet Co. CEO Mark Woodward