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European Tour pays $150k in Open Championship winnings... to the wrong Tommy Fleetwood

Southport's golfing star Tommy Fleetwood got a shock when his winnings from the Open got paid into the account of the wrong Tommy Fleetwood.

The prize money of £120,000 was earned after he finished 12th at The Open.

But the funds were transferred to an American man by the name of Thomas Fleetwood instead.

Thomas Fleetwood is a club professional based at Streamstrong Resort in Florida.

Luckily, he's very honest! And the UK Tommy Fleetwood certainly saw the funny side.

I honestly didn't know anything about it. I wouldn't even know if I'd been paid or not because I don't really look.

It looks pretty genuine and they (the European Tour) are looking into it and I'm sure they'll feel pretty bad about it. It's a funny story.

– Tommy Fleetwood
Tommy Fleetwood said he hadn't yet noticed that he hadn't been paid. Credit: PA

Greg Thorner, who posted the screenshot of his friend's bank account, told Press Association Sport: "He played a few European events so the European Tour obviously had some information on him and it must have got mixed up.

"I didn't believe him at first but then I watched him log into his account.

Although the prize money was from the Open Championship, players are paid by either the European Tour or PGA Tour and a spokesperson for the European Tour said: "This was a clerical error which we are resolving and we apologise for the inconvenience caused to both parties."