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Meet the young man fighting to give people with disabilities a voice

Macauley Collinson is a 23 year old living in Lancaster diagnosed with a condition called Moebius Syndrome. Photo: ITV Granada Reports

A young man from Lancaster, who has a rare condition that means he can't smile, or make other facial expressions, is calling on people to look past disability and see the person inside.

Macauley Collinson is a 23 year old living in Lancaster. He is diagnosed with a a condition called Moebius Syndrome which means he has a lack of nerves in his face.

He says people often think he's unhappy when he's far from it. So he enlisted the help of Fixers, the campaign to give young people a voice.

And the Fixers project is aimed at changing attitudes towards people with disabilities.

His sister Meghan Collinson, said

I definitely think when people look at somebody like my brother, especially with the lack of facial movement, people can associate that with a lack of intelligence when that's not the case.

"People's initial interactions with him tend to be quite guarded - once that barrier's broken they realise he's just like anybody else."

– Meghan Collinson

Graeme Ellis from 'Independent Me', an organisation in Lancaster that helps Disabled citizens achieve independent living, said

Macauley's project is very necessary very worthwhile because people need to be aware of the capabilities of disabled people and not to make the assumption that because I'm disabled, because I look a particular way, I can't do something."

– Graeme Ellis