At around 2.30am (Sunday 12 August) police received a report of gunshots.

It happened in Claremont road in Moss Side during the early hours of Sunday.

Twelve people were injured and among those treated for their injuries were two children - one of them, a 12 year old girl, is still in hospital tonight, with her family at her bedside.

The shooting's been described as a completely reckless act and police say it's fortunate they're not carrying out a multiple murder inquiry.

Police believe the community there has the answers to what happened.

Communities in Moss Side have worked hard to create ''Moss Pride'' and they believe the shooting should not tarnish the areas reputation.

Community activist, Dr Erinma Bell says people have worked hard to regenerate the area to make it a safer environment. After all the effort there has been a staggering 92% reduction in violence and gun crime rates.