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Commemorating the Peterloo massacre

Maxine Peake stars in a new film about the Peterloo massacre Photo:

A commemoration will take place in Manchester later to mark the one hundred and 99th anniversary of the Peterloo Massacre. On the 16th of August 1819 the huge open area around what's now St Peter's Square, Manchester, played host to an attack on more than 60,000 pro-democracy and anti-poverty protesters; an event which became known as The Peterloo Massacre. An estimated 18 people, including four women and a child, died from sabre cuts and trampling. Nearly 700 men, women and children received extremely serious injuries.

This year's mass rally (Sunday 19th August) is being organised by the Greater Manchester Trades Council, with guest Maxine Peake... who's starring in a new film about the tragedy directed by Salford's Mike Leigh.