Plant based milk cartons to launch on the Isle of Man

Credit: ITV Granada

The Isle of Man Creamery will introduce the first plant based carton in the British Isles next month.

On September 10th plastic cartons will be replaced with the non-oil based plant cartons.

The production of these is carbon negative, meaning that they actually remove carbon from the environment during their creation.Materials are from FSC Certified forests and the cap and lining is produced from a sugar cane polymer.

The sugar cane is grown on previously farmed pastures in Brazil, meaning that there is no encroachment on the rainforests and all plants used are sustainable and renewable.Plant based cartons are only available in metric measurements which means that Isle of Man Creamery will now be offering a 500ml plant based carton for 55p and a 1 litre plant based carton for £1.

There will be no changes to the size and price of the two and four pint polybottles.