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Pledge to end all new cases of HIV in Greater Manchester 'within a generation'

A plan's been unveiled to try to end all new cases of HIV in Greater Manchester within a generation.

The city-region is bidding to become a "Fast Track City" - part of a network of communities around the world which work together to take action, share best practice and tackle discrimination.

At the moment, there are 300 new HIV transmissions within Greater Manchester every year.

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Mayor of Greater Manchester Andy Burnham unveiled the plan at the Manchester Pride Candlelit Vigil, where thousands of people came together in Sackville Gardens to remember those lost to HIV.

It will see £1.3 million spent on targeted support for those living with HIV, or who are most at risk of transmission.

Actions include:

  • Encouraging the use of PrEP and PEP medication amongst the most at-risk groups, which has been proven to stop HIV in its tracks
  • Establishing new peer-led services and support tailored to individual needs
  • Substantially increasing screening and testing at home, in the community and through sexual health services
  • Maximising prompt and effective treatment for those diagnosed; and
  • Challenging stigmas and other social and cultural barriers that prevent people accessing testing and support.
  • Further promoting and encouraging safer sex practices.
people across the GM region thought to be living with HIV
of new diagnoses come at a late stage - where impact on health is greater
people are thought to be living with HIV but unaware of their positive status

Ending all new cases of HIV in Greater Manchester within a generation is an ambitious goal – but we can do it.

It also shows that we are taking a stand against stigma, instead standing shoulder to shoulder with people living with HIV.

– Andy Burnham