IoM wildlife charity to release seabird back into the wild

The rehabilitated Common Guillemot was found in the north of the Isle of Man. Credit: Manx Wild Bird Aid

A wildlife charity group on the Isle of Man are releasing a rehabilitated bird back into the wild.

Manx Wild Bird Aid will take a Common Guillemot onto Fenella Beach in Peel on September 4th.

The penguin-like seabird, also known as a Common Murre, was found starving on Jurby Beach in early August and brought into MWBA, who have been feeding him fish such as sandeels and sprats.It’s not known why the bird ran into trouble in the first place, but starving guillemots are washing up on beaches with such frequency that International Bird Rescue in California have termed it an “e-murre-gency” and theorise that overfishing or global warming are to blame.