Music Concert to thank the heroes of the Winter Hill fire

firefighters tackle fire on Winter Hill Credit: PA

A huge thank you concert takes place today (Saturday) to say thank you to the heroes of the Winter Hill fire. Firefighters and mountain rescue teams spent more than a month tackling the wildfire. The blaze burnt across seven square miles of moorland from Thursday, June 28 to Wednesday, August 8. Crews and volunteers helped save properties and vital infrastructure.

It will be the first concert of this magnitude to be held on the Great Lawn in the Rivington Terraced Gardens. Those involved in the emergency have been offered free tickets to the event.

"We spent two weeks on the fire supporting the emergency services.

Andrew Suter, heritage projects manager

At least 1500 people due to attend the event which runs between 2 pm and 10.30 pm. All money raised will go towards the firefighters who helped tackle the blaze. £11,500 has already been raised.