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'Too close to call' - Summer 2018 Warmest on record with three other years

Preston, Lancashire in June 2018 Photo: SONIA BASHIR

This year has undoubtably been one of the warmest on record and The Met Office has now assessed the temperature data for the UK as a whole for summer 2018.

The figures are so close that it is officially joint hottest on record with three other years.

The reason for what some might see as a delay is that the numbers as so close it's almost negligible. The margin between the mean temperatures at the top of the league tables (records dating back to 1910) is so small, at around 0.03 of a degree, that it is impossible to separate the years.

For those that remember, 1976 is the year many are comparing this Summer to. Until this year 1976 shared the hot spot with 2003, both with a mean average temperature of 15.77°C, and also 2006 at 15.78°C. Summer 2018 comes comes in at 15.8°C.

It's so close to call that 2018 shares the hot spot with 3 other years for UK average mean temperature Credit: Met Office/ UK

Statistics show that it's also been one of the driest and one of the sunniest years too - with 20% more sunshine experienced compared to the long term average.

2018 was a record breaker though, coming in at the warmest on record for England as a whole and with regional Met Office statistics on the way it is sure to be a year of note throughout the counties of the United Kingdom.

We also have something called the 'Central England Temperature', which covers a triangular area of the UK, including Bristol, Lancashire and London. This is the longest available instrumental record of temperature in the world, going back to 1659. It places 2018 as one of the top 10 warmest Summers ever recorded, eight of which all occur after 1900, six of which occurred after 1976.

So however you view or remember this Summer this it will be notable for years to come and is now definitely in the history books.