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Was summer 2018 a record breaker in the North West?

Sunrise Ramsey Isle of Man Photo: MIKE QUINE

AUGUST 2018 in the North West

After several weeks of warm and dry weather to start the meteorological summer, August was a more changeable month and pretty much prevented this summer from being a stand-alone record breaker in terms of rainfall and temperatures.

It was a little more typical with periods of low pressure, some rain, and temperatures a little cooler overall compared to June and July.

There were no record breakers in August for the North West, although it stayed drier and warmer than usual. Temperatures overall stayed just above the long term average. Our Sunniest spot was Morecambe but here still only the average at 99% of the expected sunshine.

Cumbria was our wettest spot, Levens Hall has 15% more rainfall than expected. In contrast though, many parts remained drier than average with Blackpool, Crosby and Nantwich getting 30-40% less than the expected rainfall and Myesrcough, Morecambe and Rochdale around 20% less.

We saw more rain in August, but it was still a dry month for many parts of the North West Credit: Pendle rain Friday 10th August PETER STAWICKI

SUMMER 2018 in the North West

The Summer of 2018 is now officially in the record books as the warmest in England, going back to Met Office records that began in 1910.

For the UK as a whole, the margins are so slight between 1976, 2003, 2006 and 2018 that all of these 4 years will hold the joint title of the hottest summer on record.

Looking a little closer at the Granada region it looks like, although marginal, this year brought the highest mean daily temps for Cheshire and the High Peak. For central and eastern parts of the region (most of inland Lancashire and mosts of Greater Manchester) 2006 was the hottest. Interestingly it was 23 years ago, in 1995, that the Isle of Man and the majority of our coastline that had it's hottest Summer.

The difference between the top 5 summers is so small, even for the North West. In 1995 (our hottest year) the mean average daily temperature was 15.88C. This year was 15.75C!

Taking the top spot on it's own though was Morecambe. The 30th of June wasn't only the sunniest place that month, but the sunniest place in England for the whole of this summer.

Hottest Summers in UK - In the NW it was 2006 & 1995 that just pipped 2018 to the post.... Credit: Met Office