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Met Office storm names released early Wednesday. Here are a few clues....has your name made the list?

As the change of season continues it's that time again when The Met Office (in collaboration with its equivalent in Ireland 'Met Éireann') will be launching their list of names for the upcoming Storm season for the fifth year running.

This year it will run from 12th September 2018, with the aim of raising awareness of severe weather before it hits the UK and Republic of Ireland.

A new list of names has been compiled using suggestions submitted by the public, combined with Met Éireann’s suggested names.

This year’s list will run ‘A-Z’ and alternate male/female, starting with a male name.

The list will officially be announced on Wednesday 12th September but here's a clue to the names chosen this year....

Has your name, or your chosen name, made the list?

Here's a clue to this years names for 2018-19 storm season Credit: Met Office/ Met Eireann


And here they are, issued 12th September, the full list of names for the Irish and UK storm season 2018-19

Did your name appear...?

List of names for the Irish and UK storm season 2018-19 Credit: Met Office

Why name storms?

It helps raise awareness, gives a consistent message, and heightens public safety.

It uses the same convention as the US for naming hurricanes (boy, girl.....) and that's one of the reasons why Q, U, X, Y, Z are not used.