Father's anger over 'callous' attack by grown men which left autistic son in hospital

The teenager was attacked by a group of men armed with bats or bars. Credit: MEN Media

A teenager with autism has been "brutally" attacked outside a takeaway on his way to buy a burger.

The 14 year old ended up in hospital after the assault in Denton on Saturday.

The boys father - who's asked that his son's name not be published - said he was left with broken teeth, and lacerations to the neck, back and arms.

It happened close to Denton Kebab House on Ashton Road. Credit: MEN Media

Witnesses said that the teenager was attacked by a group of three or four men who were armed with bats or bars.

Greater Manchester Police are investigating - and anyone with information is urged to contact them.

The teenager had to have scans to check for more serious damage, but is now back home recovering.

His saddened father said the attack was "callous" and he can't understand how someone could beat up a child with so much force.