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Driver 'just escapes death' as metal poles smash through his car and impale dashboard during crash

A van carrying metal poles crashed into the back of this Land Rover - sending its cargo through the rear windscreen. Credit: MEN Media

A driver "just scraped death" after metal poles were sent flying through his rear window in a motorway crash.

The poles embedded in his dashboard after the crash on the M56 in Cheshire.

The poles were forced through the driver's rear window during a crash. Credit: MEN Media

The driver said that after carrying out an emergency brake he was hit from behind by a can carrying the poles - the impact hurled the poles forward through the rear window of his Land Rover.

The photographs show how two packets of long poles speared his dashboard just centimetres away from where he was sat driving.

Luckily, no one was hurt.

The poles embedded in the driver's dashboard. Credit: MEN Media

Highways England reported a 'multi-vehicle' crash - there were no further details available from the police about the collision.

The motorway reopened fully at around 8.30pm.