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'Educating Greater Manchester' headteacher Drew Povey resigns

Drew Povey led the school as it featured on the series for Channel 4. Credit: Channel 4

The head teacher of the school which featured in the TV series "Educating Greater Manchester" has resigned.

Drew Povey, who led Harrop Fold School in Salford, said he took the decision with "a very heavy heart".

He's been suspended at the start of the summer holidays - leading to protests from parents.

The head's suspension in July led to protests from parents. Credit: ITV News

His suspension - along with three other members of staff - is understood to concern the practice of "off-rolling", where children are removed from the school register in a way which could potentially imply the school is performing better than it is.

Vowing to "clear his name", Mr Povey said that the claims that this had been done deliberately at Harrop Fold was "completely untrue", highlighting that his school has a policy of taking students who have often been excluded elsewhere.

Parents and pupils made a stand outside Harrop Fold School in Little Hulton when the head's suspension was made known. Credit: ITV News

I appreciate that this is a very challenging time for all concerned, and the road ahead is not going to be easy.

– Drew Povey

The headteacher, who'd been described by "brilliant" by parents, has offered to work for free at Harrop Fold "to stabilise the situation".

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In response, Salford Council said it "completely refutes the allegation that this is a personal vendetta", and it is trying to reach a conclusion as quickly as possible.