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Further revelations after the resignation Harrop Fold headteacher Drew Povey

Drew Povey and children from Educating Greater Manchester. Photo: Channel 4 TV

There's been more revelations about the resignation of one of the North West's best known headteachers.

Drew Povey, from the TV show Educating Greater Manchester, talked to Lucy about the challenges and loneliness of leadership.

He admitted mistakes were made but denies there was ever any deliberate attempt to "massage" exam results.

He quit his post months after being suspended amid an investigation into "record keeping" at Harrop Fold School in Salford which has nearly 800 pupils.

But he says he's the victim of a "personal vendetta" and he had no trust in that investigation.

I am disappointed that Mr Povey has made public some details of a confidential governors' investigation.

The council completely refutes the allegation that this is a personal vendetta or that Mr Povey was ever offered money to ‘walk away.’

In my experience governors do not launch investigations and suspend senior members of staff for mere administrative errors.

This is an in depth and wide-ranging investigation into many serious allegations and it will continue in the interests of the school, pupils, parents and the members of staff who remain suspended.

The governing body is trying to reach a conclusion as quickly as possible. It is in no-one’s interests to rush through something so serious.

The council has arranged temporary leadership support for the school during this difficult period.

– Salford Council