Airport baggage handler throwing suitcases caught on video

A worker's seen apparently throwing five bags which landed on the ground.

An investigation's underway after baggage handlers at Manchester Airport were filmed throwing people's luggage.

The video was taken by a Ryanair passenger Elizabeth Evans on Thursday morning.

A worker's seen apparently throwing five bags which landed on the ground.

It's not known if any valuables were damaged but Swissport, which runs baggage handling operations at the airport, say they're 'disappointed' by the footage and are investigating what happened.

  • Watch the video below:

Holidaymaker Miss Evans, 28, says that they threw her luggage with such force it smashed a bottle of perfume inside her pink suitcase.

Elizabeth, who was returning from a holiday in Malaga with her partner, Chris, 39, said: "When I saw what they were doing I was fuming. I thought I will take a picture and then I thought I do a video to show what they are doing.

"I could see my suitcase clearly because it is pink with a butterfly pattern on it.

"I was worried because I had presents for my family. I had ornaments and I was worried they might get broken.

"I went to customer service and they told me to email my complaint. I thought I can do better than that so I put the video up on Facebook and Twitter. That will teach them to fob me off.

"The ornaments weren't broken, but a bottle of perfume had broken, an Emporio Armani diamond spray. The perfume has gone all over my clothes and they will all need to be washed.

"Those baggage handlers showed a complete lack of respect for people's belongings. They need retraining. I don't want them to lose their jobs, but they should be retrained.