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International Rabbit Day: Abandoned bunnies looking for homes in the region

The RSPCA are marking International Rabbit day this weekend by highlighting how they take in hundreds of unwanted rabbits into its centres each year.

They include two bunnies who have been waiting for a new home for a year and eight months after they were abandoned by the River Mersey.

RSPCA inspectors regularly collect dumped rabbits, in 2017, the charity investigated 2,428 complaints of neglect about rabbits. 2,000 bunnies were rescued.

In the same year they received 874 abandonment complaints relating to rabbits - this works out as more than two complaints every day of the year.

The animal welfare charity say that often is down to owners not realising the responsibility they are taking on

RSPCA rabbit welfare expert Dr Jane Tyson said:

Sadly rabbits are one of the nation’s most misunderstood animals.

“Lots of rabbits are still kept in small hutches without access to an area in which to exercise, many rabbits are housed alone instead of in pairs, and not all are having their nutritional needs met.

“For example, well-meaning owners think they are doing the right thing by buying muesli-based rabbit food but what rabbits actually need is a diet that is is made up primarily of hay and/or grass. Eating hay and/or grass helps keep teeth and tummies healthy which can help avoid some of the problems that result in rabbits going to the vets.”

– Dr Jane Tyson, RSPCA rabbit welfare expert
The pair have been nursed back to health by the RSPCA, but are yet to be adopted Credit: RSPCA

A pair of rabbits who were abandoned in the cold and wet on the bank of the River Mersey in January last year have been waiting for their forever home for one year and eight months.

The lionhead rabbits were soaked in their urine and left in a sodden box on the bank of the River Mersey in West Didsbury, Manchester. Luckily, they were spotted by a dog walker.

  • To rehome them visit their Find a Pet page or contact the Altrincham Cheshire branch on 01612 862503.
  • To help the RSPCA continue to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome animals in desperate need of care, please visit